What is a Ring Doorbell and how can it benefit me and my family?

Ring’s selection of video doorbells are the latest product to offer optimum security for your home – utilising your home’s wi-fi network to engage a security camera when someone approaches your door, switching on a two-way stream which allows you to communicate audibly through a speaker and microphone attached to your doorbell. 

The Ring app controls all products, with most users choosing to switch on a notification which pops up whenever there is activity outside your front door. This then turns on a camera which allows the user to watch the activity, before speaking to the visitor – ideal for instructing delivery drivers and visitors.

The app also encompasses a record function, allowing the user to record any suspicious or unexpected activity.

In short, a Ring Doorbell means that you can be right there at your front door whenever you need to be – even when you’re actually miles away. Ideal for everything from ease of delivery drop-off, to security, communicating with and greeting family members, and welcoming visitors, the Ring Doorbell lets you leave the house safe in the knowledge that your front door is just one click away. 

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