The Andersen A2 electric vehicle charger is arguably the most comprehensive charger on the market, and that is without adding the most aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with a whole range of smart and well thought out designs and features, the Andersen A2 is quite simply pioneering. A tethered unit, although you would not know by looking directly at it, it has a hidden internal compartment for its type 2 charging cable and plug. 

With its modular design, the Andersen A2 has a huge range of finishes from sustainable eco timber to durable external metal panels, giving the customer a vast option in a bespoke design to suit their requirements. 

Last but by no means least, this is a super smart charger and your Andersen can be integrated with existing smart home devices such as Amazon Echo - "Alexa, how long has my car been charging for and how much has it cost?". I told you, it is smart! Completely accessible from a smart mobile device, the Andersen A2 can record energy monitoring data and allow remote locking, adding additional security and convenience.


Key Features:

Load Balancing

Evoflek Cable

Device Connection

Remote Smart Security

LED Light Features

Hidden Plug Compartment

In-Built 6mA RCD

KØNNECT+ Smart Charge

Fault Monitoring 

Operating Humidity

Upstream Over Current Protection

Adaptive Charging for Self-Learning Charging

Wide Range of Design Colours

Cable Cleaning with Inbuilt Brushes