The Hypervolt home 3 Pro EV charger is suitable for both home and commercial installations. A beautiful and stylish EV charger that comes in black, white and space grey variants, with an unrivalled LED feature....what's not to like about this charger? 

OZEV approved, the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro qualifies for any government charging schemes and comes with a 3 year warranty as standard. The Hypervolt home charging point has a host of charging facilities including:

•   Charging Schedules
•   Tariff Charging Modes
•   The Hypervolt app for control and monitoring 
•    5m Type 2 tethered charging lead as standard
•    7.5m & 10m tethered leads optional upgrade
•    Free over the air upgrades
•    Smart home integration
•    Automated load balancing management
•    State of the art PEN protection


And if you didnt think there's any more room for amazing features on the Hypervolt - there is! Your Hypervolt Home 3 Pro EV charger can also be synced with your Amazon Alexa smart home device. You will be able to easily control a variety of features, such as changing LED brightness on the charger display and scheduling your charging by simply using your voice. 

The Hypervolt is capable of solar integration, meaning you can charge your car directly from the sun! The Hypervolt EV charger is compatible with all solar panel installations, enabling you to charge for free, forever! The Hypervolt home car charging point offers 3 modes of charging to help optimise the use of home solar generated electricity. 

- In ‘boost’ mode, the Hypervolt will charge at a full rate of 7kW, using any solar-generated energy, and then top up the remainder from the grid.

- In ‘eco’ mode, the Hypervolt will use the minimum amount of grid-supplied electricity as possible to ensure the Hypervolt charges the EV at the 1.4kW required. 

- In ‘super eco’ mode, the Hypervolt will only charge via solar energy.