Our Quotation
  • We will firstly take your email address and send over a 'remote survey' form. Once this has been completed, we will be notified and we will aim to have a quote with you in 48 hours. 

  • All quotations are based on the information being supplied by the customer at the initial contact stage.

  • All quotations for EV charging installations as well as additional works are valid for 30 days.

  • All quotations are issued from our online client portal system. Please note, we are unable to proceed with installations without our quotation being electronically accepted. This must be completed in the client portal.

  • Once your quote has been accepted, we will send you a 50% deposit invoice. Once this has been paid, we will order your chosen charger and reach out to you with a proposed installation date. 

  • For all installations that are OZEV Grant approved, Green Electrical will complete all the necessary paperwork on behalf of the customer.


Our Installation Process
  1. Your Green Electrical EV charging Installer will arrive within your given time slot. All our installers will carry company photo I.D and will be wearing company uniform.

  2. Your engineer will confirm the position as to where the EV charging unit will be located. This location should match the position identified in the quotation process, with the photos sent from the customer.

  3. The Installer will complete a final safety check of your existing electrics before starting work and if no additional works are required, they will start the installation of your new EV charging unit.

  4. During the installation process, your engineer will need to isolate the mains power to install your new EV circuit and to test. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all household devices are correctly switched any work on computers is saved.

  5. Your NICEIC approved electrical engineer will commission and test your new EV charging unit and will give you a demonstration. An NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate will be issued within 28 days of the installation.


Our Standard EV Terms and Conditions

Green Electrical are an approved NICEIC electrical contractor and all our engineers are Level 3 qualified in electrical installation, are 18th edition qualified and are experienced in electrical testing and certification. All appointments are made within a 2-hour time slot to allow the engineer time and flexibility to arrive at the installation address safely and on time.

All installations are unique, and some can take longer than others however in general, most installations take between 3-4 hours to complete. Upon the arrival of our engineer, access to the property’s consumer unit must be free and clear to work as with the agreed cable run for your new EV charging point circuit.


Our Standard Installation:
  • The fitting of your new electrical vehicle charging point is to be mounted on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure

  • Up to 15 meters of 6mm twin and earth/Hi Tuff or SWA cable, run and neatly clipped direct to the wall between the distribution board or electricity supply meter

  • The routing of the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm (20 inches) thick, where needed.

  • The installation of a 2-way fire rated 18th edition consumer unit complete with an Type A RCD and a Type C 32A miniature circuit breaker or for modern high integrity fuse-board, a Type C 32A RCBO will be installed. Any RCBO’s installed will match the existing fuse-board branding.

  • Up to five meters of white plastic trunking or conduit to conceal interior wiring

  • To be carried out by one installer in compliance with the NICEIC, BS 7671:2018 and IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation.

  • Upon completion of the installation, an NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate will be issued.

  • The owner/customer or a responsible adult of the age of 18 years or over needs to be present on-site for the entire duration of the install


What's Not Included In A Standard Installation?
  • The EV charger must be in your designated off-street parking area and be fixed at a height where it can’t be hit by a vehicle.

  • We can’t fix the cable higher than 2.1 metres (6 feet 9”) above the ground. If fixing higher than this is unavoidable then the installation may need to be paused - in that case, we will quote for any extra work needed.

  • As part of the standard package, additional works like digging a trench, installing a cable duct or suspend it above ground is not included. For bespoke works such as cable runs in the garden or under a path, please make these request at the initial quotation process.
  • When you are using your charger the EV charging lead must remain on your property and must not create a trip hazard for you or anyone else.

  • Our standard installation does not include cable runs under floorboards or through ducting / ceiling voids / wall voids. We can’t take responsibility for reinstating flooring or other building materials after the cable has been laid.

  • Our electrical engineers are not able to work in unsafe areas such as crawl spaces, on roofs or in lofts.

  • All our installations are subject to extreme weather (i.e. flooding or intense rain). In these conditions, if it is not safe for the electrician to carry on, our EV charging installers will do as much as they can, and we will return at a later date.

  • For all other installations such as a free-standing mount or for an installation outside of the scope of a ‘standard installation’, costs are subject to change and additional costs may be applied.


The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations & BS7671:
  • All our EV charging point installations are in accordance with the 18th edition wiring regulations and BS7671.

  • Green Electrical are unable to proceed with the installation if your installation does not meet the standard of these regulations. In these cases, the installation is paused and Green Electrical will provide a quotation for further works to meet the required standard.


Rescheduling & Timings:
  • All appointments that are rescheduled are authorised by our administration office and not by the field engineer.

  • All new bookings, appointments for additional works including quotations or cancellations are processed by our administration office and by the field engineer.

  • All appointments are allocated with a minimum 2-hour time slot, if the initial and planned EV charging point installation can not be completed as additional works are required, there is the possibility these works can be undertaken during the initial appointment however such works are at the discretion of Green Electrical.


Need To Rearrange Your Installation?

Please give us a call and we’ll happily reschedule your appointment. All we ask is 48 hours’ notice.