Cookie policy

Here at Green Electrical, we're committed to protecting the data that we collect about you. The information below goes hand in hand with our privacy policy and tells you how and why we use cookies. By using our sites and apps you agree that this policy applies.

Don’t forget that we may make changes to our sites and apps and so we may make changes to this policy too. Any changes will appear here and be effective immediately. If you use of our sites and apps after those changes are shown, we’ll interpret that as meaning that you accept them.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that contains a small amount of information and is downloaded you’re your devices (e.g. your computer or smartphone) when you use our sites or apps.  They are sent back to our site whenever you return (or they may be sent to another website if it recognises that cookie).


Why do we use them?

cookies have many different uses and purposes. We use them to improve your experience when visiting and using our sites and apps. This might be by enhancing the content we show you, and streamlining your navigation through them (e.g. by recognising your device, or storing some information about your preferences or past actions). Some of our cookies can then, distinguish you from other users.

More information on what cookies we use and why is set out below.


What if you don't want to accept the cookies that we use?

As with most websites, you can block or restrict the cookies set by our sites. You'll need to do this on each browser, and on each device, that you use to access our sites.

If you’d like to:

  • delete any cookies that are already on a device, you'll will need to locate the file or directory that the cookies are stored in.
  • block them. Click "Help" in the browser menu on the relevant device to find out how to do this.

Further information about deleting or controlling cookies is available at or by visiting


The different types of cookies that we use

How long they last

Session cookies

These types of cookie only last for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. As a result these perform relatively simple tasks such as tracking how you move through our site, supporting website security, and recognising your device to ensure that the pages you view are displayed properly.

Persistent cookies

As the name suggests, these cookies stay beyond you closing your browser. They can be used to remember log in information (so that when you come back, it's easier and quicker for you to get in), or to record the advertising you saw last time you were here so that you don't see it again.

First and third party cookies

First party cookies are served by us and our site or app. All other cookies are third party cookies.


What cookies do we use?

The following table sets out the cookies that we use on our sites and apps and why we use them. If a cookie is stated to be a third party cookie, please check the provider's website for more information about it.

Green Electrical cookies

Cookie name





The CMS system is built using PHP which enables sessions to allow dynamic menus.


1 day

This is an essential cookie used for form validation.

Third party cookies

Cookie name

Third party











Collects statistical data on site usage such as:

  • how many times our site has been visited
  • the number of times a particular page has been viewed
  • digital channels that brought you to our site (e.g. a link in an email)
  • the types of technology that you are using our site with
  • how many web forms have been completed

See for more information.



This is an essential cookie used for form validation.




Add This This cookie is associated with the AddThis social sharing widget which is commonly embedded in websites to enable visitors to share content with a range of networking and sharing platforms. It stores an updated page share count.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to provide us with non-personal site analytics which help us improve our site. Google Analytics tracking uses cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about your visit and that of other visitors to our sites, but they do not collect personal data about you. Google Analytics sets or updates cookies only to collect data required for the reports. Additionally, Google Analytics only uses first-party cookies which means all cookies set by it cannot be altered or retrieved by any service on any domain other than You can find out more detailed information about Google Analytics, how it works and what it does here.

When was this policy last updated?

April 2019