How often should I have an electrical inspection done?

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There are many reasons for why an electrical installation Condition Report is requested, a change of occupancy, insurance purposes, for a new property purchases or simply a new inspection for a previous expired report.

A previous Electrical Installation Condition Report, on page 2, would state the recommend next inspection interval date. This would generally be the amount of years the previous test inspector which deem suitable for the electrical installation. Should the electrical installation be in good condition and suitable for continued then the new Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) would be valid for 5 years. There are recommend time intervals for electrical installation conditions that are dependent on the type of installation or premises the report is for. Please see the list below:

The table below provides guidance on the frequency of formal inspections of electrical installations as well as routine checks. (Table extracted from BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition: 2018).

Type of Installation Routine Check Max Period between inspections and testing                
General Installation
Domestic accomodation - general - Change of Occupany/10 Years
Domestic accomodation - rented houses and flats 1 Year Change of Occupancy/5 Years
Residential accomodation - halls of residence, nurses accomodation etc 1 Year Change of Occupancy/5 Years
Educational Establishments 6 Months 5 Years
Industrial 1 Year 3 Years
Commercial 1 Year Change of Occupancy/5 Years
Offices 1 Year 5 Years
Shops 1 Year 5 Years
Laboratories 1 Year 5 Years
Hospitals and Clinics
Hospitals and Medical Clinics - general areas 1 Year 5 Years
Hospital and Medical Clinics - medical locations 6 Months 1 Year
Buildings open to the public
Cinemas 1 Year 1-3 Years
Church Installations 1 Year 5 Years
Leisure Complexes (exc swimming pools) 1 Year 3 Years
Places of public entertainment 1 Year 3 Years
Restaurant and Hotels 1 Year 5 Years
Theatres 1 Year 3 Years
Public Houses 1 Year 5 Years
Village Halls/Community Centres 1 Year 5 Years
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